Welcome to InterLex Consulting!
Our experience in international legal consulting inspired us to create a project that would improve communication between business people and legal professionals from different countries of the world.
We believe that obtaining precise and timely information about legal issues, business climate, taxation, and investment guarantees is crucial to being successful when doing business in other countries — whether the U.S., E.U., CIS countries, China, India, the Middle East, or Africa.
We are well aware of the difficulties that companies and business people face when searching for representatives and consultants in the field of law, taxation, and administration. Large law and audit firms often charge unrealistically high fees for their services. Through our site, we offer a new format for interaction between foreign businesses and professionals in jurisprudence, taxation law, accounting, and audit who offer high-quality services at reasonable rates in their countries of operation.
InterLex Consulting offers the services of its international network of Partners – legal firms, lawyers, and attorneys — who practice all areas of law in virtually all countries and jurisdictions of the world.
If you, your company, or your clients need advice on any procedural or legal issue, we can help — no matter where you are located.