Our experience in international legal consulting inspired us to create the project to improve communication between users of legal services and legal professionals from different countries of the world. We believe that obtaining precise and timely information about legal issues, business climate, taxation, and investment guarantees is crucial to being successful when doing business in other countries.

We are well aware of the difficulties that companies, businesspeople and concerned persons face while searching for representatives and consultants in the field of law, taxation, and administration. Large law and audit firms often charge unrealistically high fees for their services. Through our site, we offer a new format of interaction between foreign businesses and professionals in jurisprudence, taxation law, accounting, and audit to provide you with high-quality services at reasonable rates both in your country and abroad.

InterLex Consulting offers the services of its international network of Partners – legal firms, lawyers, attorneys – who practice all areas of law in virtually all countries and jurisdictions of the world. InterLex Consulting can also offer its services to those who are in need of solving specific legal tasks abroad, and to those who just need legal assistance.

If you, your company, or your clients need advice on any procedural or legal issue, we can help – no matter where you are located.


At present, the global market of international legal services has a well-defined structure and is controlled by a monopoly of large international law firms. While seeking legal assistance, people often experience difficulties trying to choose between various law firms. If you contact one of these firms and learn about their pricing policy, you will quickly see that their prices for legal services are several times higher than the actual cost of the services.

If you are not satisfied with such policy, there is a better alternative. You can contact InterLex Consulting and take advantage of our international network of Partners – law firms, lawyers, attorneys – who practice all areas of law in virtually all countries and jurisdictions of the world.

This international network of legal specialists is the product of years of building partner contacts and it enables us to offer you the most effective and optimal ways of resolving your organizational and legal issues in any country of the world. We charge reasonable fees for the high-quality legal services of competent professionals – only the actual cost of the services themselves.

Wherever you are located, InterLex Consulting is always readily available to assist you in handling your important organizational and legal issues.

Your appeal to us is legally privileged and protected by professional secrecy

Lawyer-client privilege includes both oral and written information made known to a lawyer, as well as the issues on which a client turned to the lawyer, the contents of advice, consultations, explanations of the lawyer, documents compiled by the lawyer, information stored on electronic media, other documents and records between the lawyer and the client, made in confidence and received by the lawyer in the course of providing legal advice and based on the lawyer’s expertise. The lawyer is obliged to keep legal professional secrecy, as well as to provide conditions that exclude unauthorized persons from access to the lawyer-client privilege and its disclosure. Persons guilty of unauthorized access to or disclosure of the lawyer-client confidentiality shall be liable in accordance with the law. Thus, all information provided to us will never be extended to third parties without your permission. Our communication with clients is based on the principles of respecting their rights, protecting their interests, and it is always confidential. We strictly observe the principles of ensuring the confidentiality of information received from our clients. We infinitely appreciate your trust.

Immigration Law

governs the procedures for entry into a country, duration of stay, and associated legal rights and duties of the persons in a receiving country

Property Law

governs the issues of various forms of ownership to anything owned by persons or entities

Commercial Law

governs the issues of sale and distribution of goods, as well as financing of various kinds of transactions

Tax Law

regulates the issues of assessment and payment of taxes by taxpayers - either by persons or entities

Consumer Law

focuses to ensure the protection of the consumer’s rights when they acquire goods, services or works

IP Law

regulates relations in the field of emergence, use and protection of the objects of intellectual property

Business Law

regulates aspects of business relating to company formation, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder rights, and property issues

Family Law

governs family relationships between citizens during the course of marriage, kinship, divorce, property division upon divorce and so on

Customs Law

regulates the issues of exemption or payment of duties imposed on imported goods and procedures for clearance of exported goods

Employment Law

focuses on the settlement of relationships between employers and employees

Criminal Law

governs the issues concerned with criminal prosecution and punishment of individuals who committed crimes

Financial Law

regulates commercial banking, capital markets and investments, financial markets and transactions


 Legally sound solutions are not necessarily expensive

The main focus of InterLex Consulting is providing professional legal Consulting, in international law pertaining to specific organizational and legal tasks to be performed in the country or jurisdiction you have indicated

With the help of our international legal network of Partners – legal firms, lawyers, attorneys – who practise all areas of law in virtually all countries and jurisdictions of the world, InterLex Consulting matches you with Provider to handle your inquiry. The Provider who:

  • is located in the country of relevance to your inquiry
  • has skills and practical experience that closely match the subject of your inquiry
  • has sufficient financial and legal resources to handle your inquiry to the highest standards of quality
  • has sufficient organizational capabilities to handle your inquiry to the highest standards of quality
  • offers the optimal price of your order

We coordinate and monitor the handling of your inquiry throughout the entire process from the moment it reaches InterLex Consulting to the moment you receive the ultimate result.

Combined with the experience and reputation of our Partners, InterLex Consulting maintains proven flexible and unconventional approaches in handling organizational and legal issues.


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